About Us

The Ontario Provincial Youth Cabinet was founded in June 2020, composed of ten passionate youth living across the province. We advocate on behalf of young Ontarians for issues that collectively affect us. At our core, we believe that youth have an important part to play in shaping the future of the province. 

The mandate of our non-partisan organization is simple – to better the lives of young Ontarians by amplifying their voices as a key stakeholder of the Provincial Government through evidence-based advocacy. In doing so, the Ontario Provincial Youth Cabinet aims to represent all youth aged 15 to 25.

This evidence-based approach is founded on our five major operational activities:

1. Outreach initiatives (i.e. consultations with representative samples of youth across Ontario, survey dissemination, etc.);

2. Organized lobbying efforts (i.e. letter-writing campaigns, advocacy weeks, etc.);

3. The creation of policy papers regarding youth issues in Ontario;

4. Codified policy recommendations; and 

5. Meetings with local and provincial government officials.